Intuitive Holistic Coach & Healer

Hey, gorgeous.


I’m SO glad you’re here. I’m Vicky.
Intuitive Coach & Healer.
I'm here to help you remember who you are.  To guide you home.  To help you align with your Soul and create more magic.

I know we are meeting for a reason.

You’ve come to the right place. You are exactly where you’re meant to be right now.

You were not meant to struggle, suffer and spend your life in pain.
You are here to thrive.  To discover your purpose.  To come alive.
You were meant to shine with the brilliance that is within you.
Remember who you are.  You are love and light.  Pure joy.
Find the ease, freedom, joy, bliss that is the essence of who you are.


It's what you're here for, and it's what you deserve.


I know this, because I have been there.

I spent years figuring out what I wanted. I spent years discovering who I was. I turned down all the noise of everyone else, and finally discovered who I was. But I felt like I had to struggle to deserve my dream life. And struggle I did. In manifesting my dream life, my entire reality blew up in front of me. I got divorced, quit my job, moved halfway across the world, only to create more dis-ease which manifested as full-body psoriasis. I was alone, depressed, and not sure why I was even here.

But then I chose again

I chose to turn my pain into my purpose.  I came alive again.  I remembered who I was.  I discovered that everything was in fact an answer to what I was asking for.  Everything was happening FOR me.  I turned inward.  I found the answers within.  And I healed.  Without the external answers I had once been seeking, I healed myself.  I healed my psoriasis.  I healed my financial problems.  I healed my heart.  I manifested money.  I manifested my soulmate.  And I manifested my dream life.

So trust me when I say I can help.

I’m on your side.  I want to remind you of your power.  I want to guide you back home to your true self.  I want to hold space for you to transform.  I want to help you heal.  I want to show you the love and light within that can create magic.

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